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At Scherer Leasing, we specialize in "open-ended" leasing agreements that effectively manage the life-cycle costs for your business and maximize the resale value of your fleet. With the right lease program paired with the right vehicle for your business, you can significantly reduce the operating costs of your fleet. Our fleet management program is designed with your business in mind to help save you money!

Benefits of "Open-End" Lease:

  • Flexible lease terms
  • No excess mileage charges
  • Actual life-cycle costs
  • Include conversions and upfitting
  • More flexibility at lease expiry

We can help you and your company structure the ideal lease program for your business and maximize your ROI throughout the term of the lease. Our team of fleet management specialists have over 30 Years of experience in Automotive sales and leasing and our professional "hands-on" approach will ensure you are getting the most out of your fleet!

To learn more about our services and how Scherer Leasing can help you save money, contact us by calling 519-893-8888 or send us an email at

Let us show you the Scherer Leasing Advantage!

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The Scherer Commercial Fleet Lease Advantage:

  • You deal with the same individual at Scherer Leasing throughout the entire deal process, from beginning to end, and everything in between
  • We Lease All Makes, and All Models
  • Terms that meet your company's needs
  • High Level Liaison with manufactures to negotiate the best deal for your business
  • Relationships with Manufactures to guarantee product availability, tracking of orders, extended warranty, and body repair and insurance claims.
  • Preparation and distribution of vehicle specifications and order forms
  • No acquisition fees
  • No Charge cleanup, licensing or delivery of vehicles to specified locations (Some exceptions may apply to remote locations-pass through charges only)
  • No Charge for delivery of vehicles to auction
  • No charge condition reports and providing buyouts and fair market values
  • Monitoring of vehicle condition at disposal to help maximize resale dollars. Also we help to educate all drivers of their responsibilities to help lower unnecessary costs to your program.
  • Monitor the timing of vehicle disposals to maximize resale dollars
  • No charge representation at auctions, with timely disposal of lease returns
  • Any and all licensing at no additional charge
  • Review and consultation on life cycle costs


Leasing for business usage allows you to:

  • Protect your cash flow, leasing a vehicle allows your business to finance off balance sheet, therefore you retain borrowing power for other needs
  • Conserves working capital
  • May be tax deductable depending on use
  • Co-ordinate and oversee any vehicle up fits that may be required.

Fleet Optimization:

Your business is your livelihood. Chances are that your fleet usage will be different than the business next door. One common factor remains, over time vehicles are subjected to wear and tear. Whether you service a small local area or an entire Province, the ability to reduce maintenance expenses is dependant of effective optimization of your vehicle fleet.

Poorly maintained fleets lead to unnecessary repair costs, lost business due to vehicle down time, and increased fuel economy. Knowing how to avoid these unnecessary costs is crucial. At Scherer Leasing, we have the expertise to show how we can effectively optimize your fleet helping you save money. Contact us today about optimizing your fleet! link to lease contact form.


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