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Scherer Leasing Inc was established in 1989 by Steve Scherer. Over the last 25 years, Scherer Leasing Inc has built and maintained a leasing portfolio that has grown to be the Fifth largest independent National in-house lease company in Canada.

At Scherer Leasing, we offer in-house competitive lease rates on all makes and models. In addition to this, we offer fleet lease management to all companies big or small.

Our Organization has always been structured to minimize overhead costs. This means that we are NOT mandated to maintain minimum profit percentages, like larger leasing companies. Yet Scherer Leasing Inc still remains a National leasing company, which offers all the same comprehensive Lease and Fleet Management, with a personal touch that saves you money.

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Key Contact People:

John Scherer

General Manager

Lee Douglas

General Sales Manager

Kaitlin Saunders

Office Administrator

Auto Loan, Dealer Kitchener, Ontario


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